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Moscow by way of Spain rapper AZ´s new album Third Rome features tracks of the best blend of trap and new school hip-hop production that we have seen in a long time. The album follows AZ´s debut full-length, 2112, both of which came out on Calibre 357. Along with AZ´s unique style of rapping in which he seamlessly combines Russian and English lyrics about life on the street and hip-hop culture, Third Rome also features a huge variety of hot up and coming hip-hop stars such as Fudge, singer Mani Strings, June B, Jamillions, Z-Hard, Kid Nuevo and more.Kicking off Third Rome is "I Told You" featuring Fudge, in which AZ raps "I told you I am going to get to the money. I told you as soon as I get it N**** going to start acting different. Hate to say I told you so" The song "Pole" follows, a sexy downtempo trap tune that knocks it out of the park with both production and AZ´s rapping. Featuring vocals by Mani Strings, "Champagne" is about as hard as trap music gets. Strings adds a little Rhianna-esque R&B chorus to AZ´s rapping in both English and Russian. Producers on the album include Valentine on "I Told You", Abuin Beatz on Pole, Trap Team Beats on "Champagne", Shawn West on the title track, and many more, all of which blows clouds in the face of the likes of Swiss Beats, DJ Mustard and Timaland.AZ´s style of rapping on Third Rome is dripping with culture reminiscent of a Moscow lost. The near flawless trap-hop driven production is a breath of fresh air for a genre that is mostly EDM influenced. Whether you are a fan of new school trap-hop beats or tired on the same old hip-hop albums and are craving something new, check out AZ´s Third Rome and keep an eye out for this rising multicultural hip-hop star.

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Rap - Hip Hop - R&B

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Web site: http://www.calibre357.es/es/az


Town: Madrid
Province: Madrid
Country: Spain url not loading
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