About Artistum web

Artistum is a social network of artists and for artists.

You can register for free with the most suitable profile ( artist, hall of actuations/concerts/events, promotor/manager, or as common user to talk about music world and artistic in general.

Once registered you can do many actions such as:

- Search, find and contact with other artists or groups, halls, promotors/managers or users with the internal messages system, to meet and know, the easiest way to talk and promote to prepare your presentations, shows, bowls...prepare tour yourself.

- You can announce your own events, concerts or shows, organize events free for the thousands of registered users on the platform receive and see it with the newsletters and/or periodic notifications.

- Announce news, ideas and your projects easy.

- Announce interviews and/or reviews about artists of the world.

- You can advertise with the system of credits in order all the world see you, with some options as highlight your profile at homesite or in internal pages, highlight your shows and events to appear before of other people; or incorporate a banner in our web if you are interested to do publicity (contact with us).

Definitely, we take care of platform efficient functionality. not to represent artists. You can register yourself, announce and manage all in the web when you want.

We hope our platform will be useful for all of you to create your profile and give you know, and recommending us to your fans and and known friends of artistic world.

Any comment or suggestion is wellcome, for this you can write us with the form you'll find in contact section.

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